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Lefortovo Junior Championship

On the 16th March 2013 there was held the 15th Lefortovo Kumite Championship among Juniors of  12-13 and 14-15 years old. In competition there were participating Moscow sport clubs: Bushido Mon, Kaiman, Lefortovo, Bercut, Kanku.
SC "Bushido Mon" fighters have won  the 2nd team place!

12-13 years old
Dmitry Guschin 3rd place under 45 kg (Y.Neustroev.)
Dmitry Graschenkov 1st place over 55 kg (Y.Neustroev.)
Artur Subbotin 2nd place over 55 kg (S.Kireev)

14-15 years old
Movlad Barahanov 1st place under 50 kg (S.Kireev)
Nikolai Lukin 3rd place under 50 kg (S.Kireev)
Mikhail Fedotov 3rd place under 60 kg (Y.Neustroev.)