Events | seminars | 2013 | march

Training and Referee Kata Seminar

On the 9th March 2013 in the sport hall of "Bronnaya Sloboda" Educational Center there was held Training and Referee Kata Seminar with Shihan Victor Fomin. Among almost 90 participants, representing 7 clubs of Moscow, 2 clubs of Moscow region, also clubs of Vladimir, republics of Mordovia and Karelia, there were 35 black belts. Among the latter there we 5 members of Swiss team who have came to the Open Moscow Kata Championship.

The 1st general training session was dedicated to the basics of performing Kyokushin katas and to the criteria of mastership. On the 2nd training session 5 groups were training separately: black belts with Shihan Victor Fomin, others – with his assistants Senseis Andrey Khimichenko. Sergey Makarov, Yulia Tseytlina and Svetlana Morozova. The 3rd training session was a practical referee with analysis of kata performances by individuals and teams.