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The CFA of Russia Kyokushin Kata Championship

On 31 October 2010 in the ACSC's track and field athletics manège the 5th Kyokushin Kata Championship of the Central Federal Area of Russian Federation was held during the Northern Municipal Area of Moscow's the Eastern single combats Festival.

156 fighters in 17 categories participated. In competitions there were presented teams of sport clubs of Moscow, Moscow, Tula, Vladimir, Penza, Tambov, Kirov regions and Republic of Karelia. Teams of judges were formed of 23 persons, 5 of them were international kata judges.

The competition was organized by the Moscow Kyokushinkai Federation, SC "Iceberg", SC "Bushido Mon" and personally by Senseis Dimitry Shaposhnikov and Andrey Kchimichenko.

Main judge - Shihan Victor Fomin (6th Dan). Main secretary Sensei Andrey Khimichenko (3rd Dan).

We congratulate SC "Bushido Mon"'s kata team and the coach Shihan Victor Fomin with the 1st team place on the CFA of Russia Kata Championship.

We congratulate members of SC "Bushido Mon"'s team:

  1. Pavel Kozyrev (cat.5, brown belts, 2nd place).
  2. Matvey Kireev (cat.2a, blue belts, 3rd place).
  3. Nikolay Lukin (cat.2a, blue belts, 3rd place.
  4. Vsevolod Gashkov (cat.2a, blue belts, 3rd place).
  5. Maria Pronina (cat.4, green belts, 4th place).
  6. Natalya Trubkina (cat.5, brown belts, 1st place).
  7. Elena Grigorieva (cat.5, brown belts, 3rd place).
  8. Anna Konovalova (cat.6, black belts, 1st place).
  9. Sergey Kireev (cat.6, black belts, 2nd place).
  10. Alexey Krokhinov (cat.6, black belts, 3rd place).

We congratulate Alexey Krokhinov with the 1st place in the category of Masters' show demonstration.

The management of SC "Bushido Mon" thank all club's members actively participated in organizing and holding this competition (Maxim Krokhinov, Vasily Panov, Vladimir Prischepa, Vladimir Panteleev and others students).