Events | competitions | 2010 | october

Kumite Tournament among boys and girls of 8-9 and 10-11 years old in Novopetrovskoje settlment of Moscow region

We congratulate Alexey Kovalnogov (8-9 years old, up to 40 kg weight category, coach Sergey Kireev), the 2nd place winner.

Alexey Kovalnogov had 4 fights, 3 of them were won by "ippon".

SC "Bushido mon" team was represented with the following persons:


8-9 years old

Ruslan Oleksy

Vladislav Chichkartev

Alexey Kovalnogov


10-11 years old

Vsevolod Gashkov

Movlad Barakhanov

Yury Kretov

Artur Subbotin

Dmitry Graschenkov

Arseny Mekhdiev



Sensei Sergey Kireev  (3rd Dan)

Sempai Yury Neustroev (2nd Dan)

Sempai Andrey Mitriashkin (1st Dan)