Events | competitions | 2010 | november

The 14th Troitsk Memorial Tournament named after Vyacheslav Li among juniors of 12-13 amd 14-15 years old.

In Troitsk (Moscow region) there was held the 14th Troitsk Memorial Tournament named after Vyacheslav Li. In this competition 44 fighters from Moscow and Moscow region clubs took part. Guests of honour: President and Founder of RKF Shihan Alexander Tanyushkin,  mayor of Troitsk V.V. Sidneev, the head of the Departament of Health, Physical culture and Sports V.P.Barsukov, the Chairman of SC "Saiha" O.B.Cherkasov. Main judge - Shihan Oleg Ignatov (5th Dan, national judge), main secretary - Sensei Andrey Khimichenko (3rd Dan, national judge).

We congratulate our SC "Bushido Mon" team with prize places: Nikolay Lukin (2nd place, up to 40 kg,  age 12-13), Mikhail Fedotov (4th place, up to 45 kg,  age 12-13), Denis Braiko (2nd place, up to 55 kg,  age 12-13), Alexander Kovalev (2nd place, after 60 kg, age 14-15), Victor Yushin (3rd place, after 60 kg, age 14-15).

We congratulate and thank judges of SC "Bushido Mon" participated in the Tournament: Sergey Altunin (3rd Dan, national judge), Yuri Neustroev (2nd Dan,national judge), Andrey Mitriashkin (1st Dan).