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Klimovsk Championship among children and juniors.

On the 20 February 2010 in Klimovsk, Moscow region, there was held Championship among children and juniors. There were more than 200 participants. Main judge - D. Prokofiev (the 2nd Dan). Main secretary - A.Tazhin (the 1st Dan). SC "Bushido Mon" was represented by 22 fighters from 4 dojos. Special thanks to main kumite coach of the club S.Kireev for good organization and successful participation of the club's team.

SC "Bushido Mon" champions and prize winners:

Igor Smirnov (1st place up to 30 kg, coach S.Kireev)
Yegor Lakhtukhov (1st place, 8-9 years old, up to 40 kg, coach Y.Tseytlina)
Dmitry Danko (2nd place, 7 years old, up to 32 kg, coach A.Khimichenko)
Mikhail Fedotov (3rd place, 12-13years old, up to 45 kg, coach Y.Neustroev)