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Moscow Kumite Championship

On the 5th and 6th February 2011, in the PS "Sodruzhestvo", there was held  Moscow Kyokushin Knockdown Championship among juniors and adults. More then 200 fighters participated in it from 8 regions of Russia: Moscow, Vladimir, Tula, Cheliabinsk, Arkhangelsk, Briansk, Penza and Republic of Karelia, also from federal town centers of Moscow and Sanct-Petersburg. The guest of honour of the Tournament - the President and Founder of the RKF - Shihan Alexander Tanyushkin. Main judge - Shihan Oleg Ignatov. Main secretary - Sensei Andrey Khimichenko.

SC "Bushido Mon" was represented by 6 fighters:

Mikhail Fedotov, coach Y.Neustroev.

Nikolay Lukin, coach S.Kireev.

Victor Yushin, coach Y.Neustroev

Eliza Marakova, coach S.Kireev.

Alexander Graschenkov, coach Y.Neustroev

Eugeny Diakonov, coach S.Kireev.


We congratulate prize winners: Nikolay Lukin (2nd place, 12-13 years old, up to 40 kg.) , Alexander Graschenkov (3rd place, 16-17 years old, over 75 kg.) and Eugeny Diakonov (2nd place, men, "division B", over 80 kg.)!

During official opening of Moscow Championship the President and Founder of the RKF Shihan Alexander Tanyushkin awarded with memorial plaques "The best kata fighter of the RKF in 2010" S.Makarov, A.Korolev S.Morozova and A.Khimichenko and also presented black belts to S.Altunin (3rd Dan) and I.Demidova (1st Dan).

SC "Bushido Mon" Administration thanks S.Altunin, S.Morozova, S.Kireev, K.Kukoleva, Y.Neustroev, A.Kozlova for participating in judging in Moscow Championship, also S.Kositsyna and N.Trubkina for secretary work. Special thanks to A.Kudinov and I.Staroselsky for their help in decorative design of the sport hall.