Events | miscellanea | 2011 | april

The Summer Camp “Bushido Mon”.

Traditional inter-regional Summer Camp “Bushido Mon” under direction of Shihan Victor Fomin (VI Dan).

Traditional inter-regional Summer Camp “Bushido Mon” is dedicated to deeper learning of Kyokushin Budo Karate and it includes the following types of training:

1. Mastering of IFK Syllabus (up to the 3rd Dan) with grading up to the 1st Kyu).

2. Self-defense with weapons (knife, stick, bo, sai, javara).

3. IFK Kyokushin Katas with knife (Taikyoku 1–3, Pinan 1–5, Tensho, Tensho Kenka, Saiha), with bo (Taikyoku 1–3, Pinan 1–5, Saiha, Seienchin) and with sai (Taikyoku 1–3, Pinan 1–5).

4. Preparing hands’ combat positions on makiwara.

See details in Summer Camp Regulations (RU):