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The 4th SC "Bushido Mon" Kyokushin Championship "Proryv" ("Break-through").

On the 21st May 2011 there was held the 4th SC "Bushido Mon" Kyokushin Championship  "Proryv" ("Break-through") among children of  7, 8-9, 10-11 years old and juniors of 12-13 and 14-15 years old. Competition was held in the sport hall of the School № 479. Totaly there were 75 fighters. In the Championship SC "Bushido Mon" was represented by dojos of Y.Tseytlina, S.Kireev, Y.Neustroev, A.Khimichenko and central dojo of V.Fomin, other participants were SC "Tori", SC "istok" (Ashihara karate). Main judge - R.Demin (II Dan). Main secretary - V.Prischepa. Organizators of the Tournament - SC "Bushido Mon" and personally S.Kireev (III Dan). The guest of honor – the founder of SC "Bushido Mon" Shihan V.Fomin (VI Dan).


                        Children of 7 years old.

under 25 kg:

1.Safar Guseinzade (Khimichenko), Bushido Mon.

2.Iliya Zamiatnin (Khimichenko), Bushido Mon.

3.Alexander Zemskov, Tori.

under 35 kg:

1.Igor Smirnov (Kireev), Bushido Mon.

2.Ivan Lytiaikin, Tori.

3.Anton Roiterstein (Tseytlina), Bushido Mon.

                                    8-9 years old:

under 31 kg:

1.Ruslan Mirzoev, Ashihara.

2.Mazim Gurov (Neustroev), Bushido Mon.

3.Alexey Shar (Kireev), Bushido Mon.

under 35 kg:

1.Artem Gordeev, Ashihara.

2.Muhamed Lylov, Ashihara.

3.Vladislav Grigoriev Ashihara.

under 48 kg:

1.Ilia Borodin, Ashihara.

2.Nikita Sudakov, Ashihara.

3.Artem Shalashov, Ashihara.

                                    10-11 years old:

under 35 kg:

1.Nikita Voronin, Ashihara.

2.Alex Nersesyan (Khimichenko), Bushido Mon.

3.Dmity Guschin (Neustroev), Bushido Mon.

over 40 kg:

1.Vadim Monakhov, Ashihara.

2.Alexey Kovalnogov (Kireev), Bushido Mon.

3.Dmitry Graschenkov (Neustroev), Bushido Mon.

                  Juniors 12-13 years old.

under 40 kg:

1.Mikael Movsisyan, Ashihara.

2.Movlad Barakhanov (Kireev), Bushido Mon.

under 47 kg:

1.Ismail Tsechoev (Kireev), Bushido Mon.

2.Sergey Tretiakov, Ashihara.

over 50 kg:

1.Vyacheslav Popov, Tori.

2.Rafik Asatryan, Ashihara.

3.Gevorg Sargasyan, Ashihara.

                         Juniors 14-15 years old.

under 50 kg:

1.Elmir Gubadov (Fomin), Bushido Mon.

2.Alexander Slavin (Fomin), Bushido Mon.

3.Igor Berdyshev (Tseytlina), Bushido Mon.

over 60 kg:

1.Alexander Kovalev (Kireev), Bushido Mon.

2.Pavel Kozyrev (Fomin), Bushido Mon.

Administration of SC "Bushido Mon" thanks a lot coaches and adult students for their great help in organization and holding of the Tournament!