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Moscow Kumite Championship.

On the 5th February 2012 in "Sodruzhestvo" Sport Palace there was held Moscow Kyokushin Kumite Chamoionship among all age categories.

In this competitions over 170 fighters  participated representing 16 regions of Russia (Moscow, Moscow region, Briansk region, Vladimir region, Tula region, Tver region, Voronezh region, Orel region, Ivanovo region, Lipetsk region,  Arkhangelsk region, Saratov region, Samara region,  Murmansk region, Sankt-Petersburg and Republic of Karelia), and 3 Federations of Moscow Kyokushinkai Association (IKO,Shih, Kan).

Main judge – A.Shepelev (3rd Dan, Moscow). Main secretary – A.Khimichenko (4th Dan, Moscow).
The organizer - Moscow Kyokushinkai Federation with the support of the Moscow Sport Commettee.

During the official opening of the Tournament Shihan Victor Fomin was awarded by Moscow Kyokushinkai Federation with a memory present.

SC "Bushido Mon" was presented by 7 fighters, 3 of them became prize winners:
Dmitry Graschenkov –  (12-13 years old under 50 kg.) 3rd place,  coach Y.Neustroev.
Denis Stankovich – (14-15 years old under 65 kg) 2nd place,  coach S.Kireev.
Alexander Kovalev – (16-17 years old under 75 kg) 2nd place, coach S.Kireev.
Other to that among judges of the Tournament the club was represented by:
Sergey Makarov, Sergey Altunuin, Sergey Kireev, Svetlana Morozova, Yury Neustroev.
Administration of the club thanks Svetlana Kositsyna for working in the organizing commettee!