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Moscow region Kyokushin Cup

On the 29th April 2012 in Glebovsky settlement there was held Moscow region Kyokushin Cup among men and women in kumite and tameshiwari. We congratulate Sergey Kireev, Anton Babinkov and Sergey Dumilin!

In this competition there were participating 60 fighters from 11 towns and 3 regions of Russia.
SC "BUshido Mon" team was represented by 3 fighters. All of them have shown exellent results.
Anton Babinkov has won the 3rd place in kumite in cat. under 80 kg and the 2nd place in tameshiwari  in cat. under 80 kg (12 boards).
Sergey Dumilin has won the 2nd place in tameshiwary in cat under 70 kg (9 boards).
Sergey Kireev has won the 1st place in tameshiwary with the best result of the Tournament - 23 boards, including 7 boards in one attempt!