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On the 4th November 2012 in Moscow there is going to be held the IFK BUDO FESTIVAL in 2 disciplines:

I. Individual performance of Kyokushin IFK Katas and other forms with weapons.

II. Group free style show demonstration of Kyokushin Budo Karate.


Expert judges are the leaders of Russian Kyokushinkai Federation and Moscow Kyokushinkai Federation:

Shihan Alexander Tanyushkin, VII Dan;

Shihan Victor Fomin, VI Dan;

Shihan Oleg Ignatov, V Dan.


I. Katas with real weapons (wooden nunchaku, bo, tonfa, metal sai, sharp knife a.o) may be performed by holders (men and women) of green, brown and black IFK belts in 2 rounds.

In the 1st round each participant must perform any of 5 Pinan katas (or similar form) with any weapon.

In the 2nd round he/she must perform any of 5 highest Nidan and Sandan IFK katas (except Gekisai Sho) with the same or any other weapon.

In the case of a draw 2 participants must perform by a lot one of the IFK black belts katas without weapons: Pinan 4, 5, Tsuki no kata, Yantsu, Saiha.

The winners of the festival competition are defined by the sum of points gained in 2 rounds. Any fighter may participate only in one round (in the 1st or the 2nd), but in this case he/she gets 0 points for missed round.


II. Group free style show demonstration must contain original Budo tricks and compositions taking no more than 5 minutes. There may be no more than 12 participants in one team.


All participants will get memory diploma of Budo Festival.

Winners of individual competitions will get special diploma, medals and cups.

Team-winners will get special diploma, medals and money prizes.


The IFK Kyokushin fighters are welcome to participate in Moscow Budo Festival.


Details on competitions, personal and group invitations to the event can be get from the Executive Director of the RKF Sensei Andrey Khimichenko:


Mobile: + 7 926 537 45 97; +7 915 362 22 87

Complete Regulations of the IFK Budo Festival in Russian see on the official MKF web-site: