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Tameshiwari Tournament "The hard fist"

On the 8th December 2012 in Lyceum №1501 there was held  Tameshiwari Cup of the Moscow Kyokushinkai Federation. In the Tournament there were participating 17 sportsmen from clubs of Moscow, Moscow region, Tula region. Main judge - Honoured President of MKF O.Ignatov (V Dan). Main secretary - A.Khimichenko (IV Dan). The organizers - B.Bakhtin and SC "MAI".

Before competition fighters passed special test.

They should to break 1 hanging board on two levels (chudan, gedan). The results were taken into consideration to define the winner in the case of a draw.

We congratulate SC "Bushido Mon" instructor Sergei Kireev with the title of abcolute champion!!!