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Specialized Kata Seminar

On the 22nd-23rd February 2014 in Kirov there was held the Specialized Kata Seminar for two groups of students. Training sessions of Russia National Kata Team with other brown and black belts (30 students) were directed by Shihan Victor Fomin (VI Dan). Training sessions of children (120 students) were directed by Sensei Yulia Tseytlina (IV Dan). In the Seminar there were participating students from 7 regions of Russia (Kirov region, Tomsk region, Moscow, Moscow region, Vladimir region, Chuvash Republic and Republic of Karelia)/

The Seminar was organized by Kirov and Kirov region Kyokushinkai Federation (the President K.Lyalin, IV Dan, Regional representative E.Yermolin, II Dan).