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Club Kata Championship

On the 20th April in the Palace of Youth' Creative work there was held  Club Kata Championship! In the competition there were participating students of Y.Tseytlina, A.Khimichenko, S.Kireev, Y.Neustroev. The guest of Honour - Shihan Victor Fomin. Under his direction there was held referee seminar. Main judge - S.Khimichenko (3rd Dan) Main secretary - V.Prischepa (2nd Dan).

We thank a lot the board of referees for organizing of judging: Yury Neustroev, Maxim Krohinov, Alexey Krohinov, Dmitry Khrebin, Svetlana Kositsyna, Polina Sheremetyeva, Andrey Denisov also Parents' Committee, personally Marina Vostrovaya!