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VII SC "Bushido Mon" Championship

On the 11 May 2014thyere was held VII SC "Bushido Mon" Kumite Championship among juniors 12-15 years old and adults (men and women div.B). Main judge R.Demin (2nd Dan). Main secretary – V.Prischepa (2nd Dan).

In the Competition there were participating fighters from sections of Yury Neustroev, Andrey Khimichenko, Sergey Kireev and representatives from SC "Severny" and "Lefortovo".

Elena Grigorieva (women coach Y.Neustroev.
Alexander Abidin (men under 80 kg) coach S.Kireev.
Polina Sheremetieva (girls 14-15 years old over 60 kg) coach A.Khimichenko.
Dmitry Graschenkov (boys 14-15 years old under 65 kg)coach Y.Neustroev.
Alexander Glychyan  (boys 14-15 years old under 60 kg.) coach S. Kireev.
Movlad Barahanov (boys 14-15 years old under 55 kg.) coach S. Kireev.

Judges: Svetlana Khimichenko (referee, 3 Dan), Sergey Kireev (referee, 3 Dan), Dmitry Khrebin (corner judge), Vasily Polezhaev (corner judge), Vladimir Prischepa (main secretary), Svetlana Kositsyna (assistant of the main secretary).

SC "Bushido Mon" Administration thanks Sergey Kireev for organizing and holding the event.!