Events | seminars | 2015 | february

Kata Training and Referee Seminar in Moscow

On the 1st of February 2915 in Mioscow ("Lefortovo" Youth Center) there was held Kata Training and Referee Seminar wth Shihan Victor Fomin (6th Dan). Assistents: Andrey Khimichenko and Yulia Tseytlina (4th Dans), Sergey Makarov and Svetlana Khimichenko (3rd Dans). There were about 70 participants from SC "Bushido Mon", "Lefortovo", "Kaiman", "MAI", "Mandzi", "Kandi", Soroi Tora", also from Pushkino (Moscow region) and Zubova Polyana (Republic of Mordovia). There were general training sessoin, training sessions with different groups of studens and practical Referee Seminar with participating judges and sportsmen.