Events | seminars | 2015 | april

Training Kata and Rferee Seminar in Moscow

On the 19th April 2015 in Moscow there was held traditional Training Kata and Referee Seminar with Shihan Victor Fomin and Senseis Yulia Tseytlina, Sergey Makarov and Svetlana Khimichenko. The Seminar was held on the base of SC “Severny” (the leader Sempai Konstantin Siranchiev) with participating over 60 fighters, coaches and judges from Moscow (SC “Bushido Mon”, “Severny”, “Iceberg”, “Bars”, “Kaiman”, MAI), Moscow region, Vladimir, Penza, Tambov, Kirov and Zubova Polyana (Republic of Mordovia). General training session was dedicated to correction of Taikyoku and Pinan katas. After that participants were devided to 4 groups for detailed learning of katas of different levels of complexity. The event was completed with practical referee course with some participants’ performances of katas.