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Moscow Kata Championship & Budo Festival


On the 13th February 2016 there was held Moscow Kata Championship & Budo Festival (main judge Shihan Victor Fomin) with 120 participants. In adult groups (18+) men’s 1st place - Maxim Krokhinov, 2nd place - Alexey Krokhinov (both from SC “Bushido Mon”), 3rd place - Konstantin Siranchiev (SC “Severny”), women’s 1st place - Anna Kazantseva, 2nd place - Elena Grigorieva), 3rd place - Alisa Etkina (all from SC “Bushido Mon”). Among 5 Budo Festival performers of katas with weapons 3 fighters were from SC “Bushido Mon”. 2 of them have won 1st and 2nd places - Maxim Krokhinov and Alexey Krokhinov, 3rd place was awarded to Konstantin Siranchiev (SC “Severny”). In Junior groups SC “Bushido Mon” fighters have won 7 prize places and 3 of them became champions: Kamilla Dzhuginisova and Yegor Laktukhov (12-13 years old), Polina Sheremetieva (16-17 years old).