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Russian Kata Cup 2016

On the 29th Oktober 2016 in Kirov there was held Russian Kata Cup 2016, organized by

Kirov and Kirov region Kyokushinkai Federation (main judge – Shihan Victor Fomin, assistant judge – Sempai Eugeny Jermolin, main secretary Sempai Аnastasia Khimichenko).

Among adult groups according to general results the 1st place has won Moscow team, the 2nd place – Kirov team, the 3rd place – Tomsk team.

Among men:

1st place – А. Khimichenko (Moscow);

2nd place – S. Shageev (Tomsk);

3rd place – А. Krokhinov (Moscow).

Among women:

1st place – N. Bogdanova (Kirov);

2nd place – А. Kazantseva (Moscow;

3rd place – Т. Melnikova (Kirov).

Among kata teams:

1st place – А. Gubanischev, N. Bogdanova, Т. Melnikova (Kirov));

2nd place – К. Siranchiev М. Krokhinov, А. Krokhinov (Moscow);

3rd place – А. Kazantseva, R. Minigaleeva, S. Volkova (Moscow).

Among 12–17 years old sportsmen groups the 1st place has won Kirov region team, the 2nd place Moscow team, the 3rd place Republic of Karelia team.

Within the limits of Russian Kata Cup there was also held traditional Budo Festival where were katas with weapons were performed.

1st place – К. Siranchiev (Moscow);

2nd place – А. Krokhinov (Moscow);

3rd place – А. Gubanischev (Kirov).