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Championships of the South Federal region

On the 4th-5th November 2016 in Rostov-on the Don there were held Kumite and Kata  Championships of the South Federal region.. Main judge - A.Bakhturov (5th Dan). Main secretary - A.Khimichenko (1st Dan).

From SC "Bushido Mon" 4 foghters were participating and decame prize winners in Kata and Kumite.

Sofia Avdeeva - 3rd place (Kata, 12-13 years old)

Sofia Avdeeva - 2nd place (Kumite, 12-13 years old)

Yelizaveta Avdeeva - 2nd place (Kata,14-15 years old)

Artem Ivanov - 1st place (Kata, 14-15 years old)

Oleg Alexeev - 3rd place (Kata, 16-17 years old).

We congratulate fighters and their coach Anastasia Khimichenko!