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Inter-regional Bushido Mon Summer Camp 2017

On the 29th June – 4th July 2017 near Moscow there was held traditional Inter-regional Bushido Mon Summer camp with Shihan Victor Fomin (Assistant Sensei Yulia Tseytlina). There were over 50 participants from Moscow (SC Bushido Mon, Severny and MAI), Moscow region, Volgograd, Saratov region, Orenburg region, Republic of Mordovia and Krasnoyarsky krai.

Main program included complete IFK Syllabus, Self-defense without weapons and with Knife, specialized Kata training with methods of mastering, bunkai and criteria of judging, also makiwara training. Optional Kyokushin Kobudo program was dedicated to operating with different weapons (this time kama and tonfa were practiced).

Last night (during over 4 hours) there was held Kyu grading and Kata tournament among 3 groups of students (also for graded ones): 1) blue/yellow, 2) green/brown and 3) black belts. In the 1st group the 1st place was won by Ilya Vasutin (Orenburg region), the 2nd place – by Yasmin Matary (Moscow), the 3rd place – by Yaroslav Marusich (Orenburg region). In the 2nd group the 1st place was won by Alexander Zemskov (Moscow), the 2nd place – by Ivan Kamyanov (Saratov region), the 3rd place – by Oleg Alexeev (Moscow). In the 3rd group the 1st place was won by Eugeny Klokov (Orenburg region), the 2nd place – by Alexander Brevnov (Krasnoyarsky krai), the 3rd place – by Konstantin Siranchiev (Moscow).

The Camp was completed with traditional tameshigiri tests with Katanas and Shashkas.

You can watch video here.