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Specialized Kata Seminar in Tambov

On the 31st March — 2nd April 2018 in Tambov there was held Specialized Kata Seminar with Shihan Victor Fomin. The Seminar was organized by Tambov regional Kyokushinkai Federation (responsible — Sensei Oleg Soloviev). It has gathered over 100 participants from Tambov city and region. Training sessions were dedicated to normative way of kata performance corresponding with self-defense application of techniques, criteria of judging and methods of step by step mastering of katas. After general sessions with Shihan Victor Fomin there was made division of participants for two groups. Low grades were training under direction of Shihan Igor Gorelkin, green belts and above (including instructors) were training with Shihan Victor Fomin. During 2 days most of IFK Kyokushin katas (including 2 top ones) were trained and explained in details. Special methodical training was dedicated to black belts’ kata team completed with team’s testing performance of Seienchin and Garyu