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Inter-regional Bushido Mon Summer Camp 2018

On the 29th June –3rd July 2018 near Moscow there was held Inter-regional Bushido Mon Summer Camp with Shihan Victor Fomin and Special Guest, CR of Israel, Shihan Itzik Ashkenazi. Assistant instructor for low grades was Sensei Yulia Tseytlina. There were about 90 participants from Moscow (sport clubs “Bushido Mon”, “Severny”, “Iceberg”, “MAI”), Podolsk, Vladimir, Kirov, Minusinsk, Seversk, Mias, Shihany, Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia), Zubova Polyana (republic of Mordovia). Main attention was paid to training and testing of candidates to National Kata Team (juniors and adults), including IFK Syllabus’ basics, renrakus and katas. But it was accompanied by Kyokushin basics’ and katas’ bunkai, examples of street self-defense practice and systematic makiwara traininig. The self-defense aspect of training was presented by Shihan Itzik Ashkenazi’s Krav Maga and Shihan Victor Fomin’s combat applications of flexible weapons (like long whips and folded karate belts), self-defense techniques vs threatening with knife put to the body, those of open hand’s combat “tools” and technical-tactical ways how to break opponents’ encirclement. Late evening grading was combined with the following night training session, which was concentrated on testing kata marathon performances by graded students and candidates to National Kata Team.