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The fighting karate of Kyokushinkai

In methodical work “The fighting karate of Kyokushinkai” (M., 2000), prepared in co-authorship by A.Tanyushkin, V.Fomin and V.Slutsker, fighting applications of basic normative techniques of IFK/RKF Syllabus are considered. There is parallel Russian-English text

Technical standards of Kyokushin IFK

The series of methodical works, named “Technical standards of Kyokushin IFK” and prepared in co-authorship by A.Tanyushkin, V.Fomin and V.Slutsker, offers a new generation of methodical works, which are publishing by the Russian Kyokushinkai Federation’s Grading Committee. Unlike similar works of 90s, reflecting formation process of Russian Kyokushinkai School, new series is based on the strong foundation of the IFK Syllabus and traditional methods of teaching, developing by Hanshi S.Arneil. Every issue of the series contains standards of 2 student belts of the same color: white (issue 1, М., 2006), blue (issue 2, М., 2007), yellow (issue 3, М., 2007), green (issue 4, М., 2008) and brown (issue 5, М., 2009). Issues 1–2 conditionally could be compared with “primary school” and issues 3–5 with “secondary school” of Kyokushin karate. 10 student grades lead to the following master grades – to technical standards of 1–3 Dans, which in the IFK/RKF system virtually make up “high school” syllabus.

5 issues of “Technical standards of Kyokushin IFK”, published in 2006–2009, were highly appreciated by Hanshi S.Arneil.

In 2010 issues 6-7, dedicated to the 1st and 2nd Dan standards, and in 2011 - issue 8, dedicated to the 3rd Dan standards. Ussues 6-8 were prepared by Shihans A.Tanyushkin and V.Fomin in co-authorship with Hanshi Steve Arneil.


Basic complex of methodical works, which is dedicated to the key kinds of weapons in “Bushido” School


Principles and methods of training in natural conditions and with natural objects