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Будо фестиваль. Ката с оружием. Призеры

Чемпионат России 2015 по ката. Финалы

Видео-ролики с Чемпионата России по ката 2014 г.

Moscow Kata Championship

Moscow Kata Championship 2013.


On the 4th November 2012 in Moscow there was held Budo Festival of the Russian Kyokushinkai Federation. 16 participants from 5 regions of Russia (Moscow, Moscow region, Tula, Penza region, Kirov region) were performing IFK Kyokushin katas (or their own forms in Kyokushin style) with weapons. They were holders of green, brown and black belts. Main IFK katas performed during the Festival were developed y Shihans Alexander Tanyushkin (Sai), Victor Fomin (Knife) and Dave Lund Regan (Bo). Some other katas or variants of basic forms were presented by participants themselves operating with nunchakus, tonfas and combat fans. After 2 rounds of participants' performing katas of different levels, according summary points of 3 expert judges (Shihans Alexander Tanyushkin, Victor Fomin and Sensei Boris Bakhtin), 3 winners were defined. Konstantin Laptev was awarded with Diploma of III degree, Kirill Barinov -- with Diploma of II degree and Andrey Khimichenko, the champion, -- with Diploma of I degree.

Russia Kata Champioship Finals

4 women, 8 men, 4 teams. The event was held on the 13th May 2012 in Moscow. For the first time in the Russia Kyokushinkai Federation black belt category was open for brown belts performing highest Kyokushin IFK katas.

Russia Kata Champioship, Budo Karate Festival

Kata with Weapons. 14 participants holding green, brown and black belts. The event was held on the 13th May 2012 in Moscow – for the first time in the Russia Kyokushinkai Federation on the country level.