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Russian Way: Operating with 2 Nagaikas by Shihan Victor Fomin

Basic Syllabus of training with 2 Nagaikas (traditional Russian Cossacks’ horsewhips) by Shihan Victor Fomin. Because Nagaika was operated in identical way with Shashka it is a safe step for further mastering 2 Shashkas (Cavalry swords – main Cossacks’ weapon). This video is a tribute to the IFK.

Main IFK Combat Shovel Katas by Shihan Victor Fomin

Russian small infantry (sapper) shovel became famous as close combat weapon during the Great Patriotic War (the 2nd World War) of 1941–1945 and later as special forces (spetsnaz) multifunctional weapon. Here some of Russian combat shovel’s important techniques are repre-sented in adapted IFK

Knife: Changing Grips in One Hand by Shihan Victor Fomin

Preparatory exercises of operating with Knife and methods of learning. Developed by Shihan Victor Fomin for the IFK WBBS 2016.

Методические материалы по работе с саперной лопаткой

Методика работы с Нагайкой и Шашкой


Ката с ножом

Ката с сайями

Ката с бо

Работа с камой


Работа с саями