Traditions. School | Будо-каратэ и Будо-спорт


Kata is unique phenomenon of Budo karate tradition and modern competitive sport discipline, by its nature gravitating to Budo sport. In Katas, as in warriors’ dances, elements of masters’ fighting experience are reproduced. Katas contain key formulae of movements, where particular techniques and universal principles of Budo karate are coded. These moving “forms” have active-meditative nature and are traditional (formalized and ritual) mean of teaching and self-knowing on the martial Way. According to M.Oyama’s words, “you need one half of your life to master katas and another half of your life to understand their sense”. Sensible learning and spiritualized performing of Kyokushin katas in “Bushido” School is one of Budo karate and Budo sport practical trends of primary importance