Traditions. School | Будо-каратэ и Будо-спорт


Studying and teaching kumite in modern Kyokushinkai School is connected with the practice of full contact tournament fights, limited by known rules, (the most dangerous techniques, particularly punches to the head, and wrestlers’ techniques are forbidden). But initially kumite in Oyama’s dojo was at most close to real self-defense and was understood as Budo karate. Oyama ardently defended the conception of “dangerous fights”, where the experience of struggling “on the border of life and death” was assumed. Obviously such kumite could not be cultivated as a kind of sport. At the same time the tradition of holding training fights, aimed to real self-defense, – i.e. learning to defend oneself against punches and strikes to the head and to attack with such techniques, to use throws and braking techniques against wrestlers’ grabs, – keeps its vitality. In “Bushido School”, except sport kinds of kumite, all mentioned kinds of training fights are used. They are a part of general complex of self-defense on the basis of karate both without arms and with different kinds of traditional and modern weapons. This part of combat training is completely in accordance with Budo principles