Traditions. School

Budo karate and Budo sport

The conception of Budo-karate – martial art and warrior’s Way, warrior’s yoga – is completely traditional. Exactly same way Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin, understood his karate when he underlined principal distinction of Budo karate and Western sports. Ideally Oyama saw Kyokushin Budo karate as “the strongest one” – the effective self-defense system, martial art and unique spiritual practice. Despite of the whole world development of Eastern martial arts as combat sports went into contradiction with traditional values of the Far-Eastern warriors’ culture, Oyama and his successors continued and still continue to defend ideals of Budo karate. In those cases when practicing Kyokushinkai (or some other martial art) as a kind of sport keeps the priority of spiritual motivation a peculiar phenomenon comes into being – the phenomenon of Budo sport. According to Budo sport conception, any sport competition is first of all the practice of initiation – one of the fighter’s ways of self-knowing in action and self-realization while searching only “wisdom and strength” on the way of Kyokushinkai

Weapons in “Bushido” School

At Oyama’s dojo training with weapons was episodical, but the adherent of Budo karate himself insisted that “a person who cannot resist to an armed assault without arms could not be considered as karate master”. Obviously the effectiveness of self-defense is basically depends on practical knowledge of technical-tactical potentialities of opponent’s weapon. On Shihan A.Tanyushkin’s and Shihan V.Fomin’s initiative nowadays in the IFK some courses based on Kyokushin karate (particularly on the kata basis), where different kinds of traditional and modern cold weapons are learning, are purposefully applying in life Many of them are learning in “Bushido” school. First of all they are key kinds of weapons – Knife and Stick. Mastering them opens wide possibilities for effective learning different derivative kinds of weapons so as analogous improvised objects and means. One of the typical examples – training with the modified javara on the basis of knife techniques. Training with Bo (pole), Sai, partly with Sword (the last one is limited to cutting practice and corresponding preparatory exercises). Training with weapons on the basis of karate, while using traditional methods of teaching (particularly performing Kyokushin katas with different weapons), is one of the distinctive features of the modern IFK Kyokushin School. At the same time the system of such courses in the general Budo karate complex is open and is always developing. система соответствующих факультативов в общем комплексе Будо-каратэ является открытой и постоянно развивается. In “Bushido” School not only methods of training with particular weapons, but also methods of fighting with one weapon against the other and techniques of self-defense without arms against an armed assault (taking off opponent’s weapon) are systematized

Nature training

From ancient times the effectiveness of warriors’ training was always tested in natural conditions at most close to reality. In traditional eastern martial arts the idea of imitating Nature and taking energies from it is expressed especially distinctly. In Budo karate tradition, for example, season training camps (especially in summer) keep their great importance. They are held in different natural and climatic conditions during day and night time, and demand mobilizing all hidden energetic resources of the organism. Training in nature allows testing fighters’ body and techniques, strengthens their will and raises the spirits in overcoming natural obstacles and in struggling with themselves. At the same time it renders general healing influence to the organism, cleans one’s mind and also increases considerably the effectiveness of traditional meditative practices, including static and breathing exercises for health recovering. Training in natural conditions introduces great variety into methods of fighters’ general and special physical, technical and psychological development, lead fighters to understanding that Nature initially and invariably is their main Teacher and Partner. In “Bushido” School training in natural conditions and with natural objects take a proper place in the whole system of masters’ education