Traditions. School | Nature training

From ancient times the effectiveness of warriors’ training was always tested in natural conditions at most close to reality. In traditional eastern martial arts the idea of imitating Nature and taking energies from it is expressed especially distinctly. In Budo karate tradition, for example, season training camps (especially in summer) keep their great importance. They are held in different natural and climatic conditions during day and night time, and demand mobilizing all hidden energetic resources of the organism. Training in nature allows testing fighters’ body and techniques, strengthens their will and raises the spirits in overcoming natural obstacles and in struggling with themselves. At the same time it renders general healing influence to the organism, cleans one’s mind and also increases considerably the effectiveness of traditional meditative practices, including static and breathing exercises for health recovering. Training in natural conditions introduces great variety into methods of fighters’ general and special physical, technical and psychological development, lead fighters to understanding that Nature initially and invariably is their main Teacher and Partner. In “Bushido” School training in natural conditions and with natural objects take a proper place in the whole system of masters’ education